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A bridal shower is a time to bring families and friends together to celebrate the engaged couple and provide them with gifts for their new home.

Wedding showers are usually hosted by the maid or matron of honor or a close family friend. Showers are usually not hosted by immediate or close family members. A bridal shower can be held weeks or months before the actual wedding date. One month before the wedding is a nice time, as it gives the families a chance to meet and mingle before the wedding.

Bridal Shower Invitation - Who to invite

Immediate family members

Close relatives

Members of the bridal party

Mother of the bride

Mother of the groom

Remember, anyone invited to a shower should also be invited to the wedding. If more than one bridal shower is to be given, the bride can divide her guest list between them so no one person is asked to attend too many parties and purchase too many bridal shower gifts.

When planning a party, pick a bridal shower theme, location and time of day to host the party. The decorations, music, food and gifts can all be linked with the theme.

Bridal Shower Menu

Bridal showers can be hosted mid-morning with a lovely brunch menu, luncheons can be buffets or sit-down plated meals. Afternoon teas are a wonderful alternative to a formal luncheon. Cocktail parties, dinner parties, even dessert parties are all exciting bridal shower ideas. Remember to consider your friends and family members kosher diet when planning the bridal shower menu. If serving alcohol, kosher wine can be purchased as well.

Want to keep costs down and still have live music? Contact your local music college or high school to see if a student would be available to play flute, piano, cello or violin.

Traditionally, bridal showers were all female. Coed bridal showers have become popular in recent years. If hosting a coed wedding shower pick a theme that would be agreeable to both male and female guests. When guests arrive why not play a bridal shower game to get everyone laughing and in the mood for fun!

Bridal Shower ideas

Jewish holidays - provide the newlyweds with items such as a Kiddush cup, Shabbat candlesticks, a mezuzah or a cookbook of Jewish holiday recipes for their new home.

Recipe shower- Each guest brings their favorite Jewish recipe, including the spices, non-perishable ingredients and the necessary pot, roasting pan, juicer or slow cooker to prepare it in.

Linen shower - Gifts include table linens, napkins, place settings, candlesticks, napkin holders, towels, sheets, slippers and bathrobes.

Lingerie shower - Women only! Have fun with nightgowns, robes, slippers, sachets, and whatever other sexy, lacy items you think the bride might appreciate.

Gadget shower - Help the newlyweds fill their kitchen drawers with potato peelers, garlic presses, measuring cups, ice cream scoopers, soup ladles, can openers, cookie cutters and rolling pins.

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