Changing Your Name

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The decision to legally change your last name after getting married, hyphenate or keep your maiden name, is a personal decision.

If you decide to change your name you will need to change it in a variety of places. Some documents can be changed before your wedding while others require a marriage certificate and can not be changed until after you are married.

Make sure you have your social security number and birth certificate available, as they may be needed for some documentation. You will need to change your name on social security card as well as many other pieces of documentation.

Places to - Legally change last name after marriage:


Driver's license

Automobile registration

Mortgage or rental contract

Banking - savings and checking

Employer - payroll

Insurance - medical, dental, home owner and car

All investments

Credit cards

Utilities - telephone, gas, electric

Business cards


Thank you cards

Jewish Wedding Planner, 2007