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A Bridal showers is no longer for women only. Men want in on the fun.

When planning a coed wedding shower, pick a theme, location and time of day to have the party. The bridal shower theme should be a reflection of both the bride and the groom's hobbies and interests. The bridal shower invitations, decorations, food and menu can all be tied in with the theme.

Please remember to keep your guests who eat a kosher diet in mind when planning the menu.

Coed Bridal Shower Gifts and Coed Bridal Shower Ideas


Host an afternoon barbeque and give the engaged couple gifts that will make outdoor entertaining a breeze. Shovels, rakes, gas grills, perennial plants and shrubs, lawn furniture, decorative planters and gardening tools are all fun ideas.

Wine tasting

Host an evening cocktail party and hire a local wine expert to guide you and your guests through a wine tasting. Serve appetizers and desserts. Help the new couple stock their bar with wine glasses, champagne glasses, ice buckets, cork screws and of course, liquor. Remember, Kosher wine can be purchased for this event.


Serve dinner in old fashioned T.V. dinner trays. The list of gizmos and gadgets a new home can use is endless. Computers, games, television sets, telephones, surge protectors and microwaves are all creative bridal shower gift ideas.


Why not pitch in and buy the engaged couple a one year membership to a local health club. Or pick their favorite sporting activity and get them tennis rackets, golf clubs, exercise outfits or scuba gear. Put healthy foods on the bridal shower menu with lots of fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grain options.


Strap on your tool belt and have a party. Fill small pails with fresh flowers and serve lots of hearty food. Saws, hammers, levels, electric drills, tape measures, screw drivers, caulking guns and stud finders will all be appreciated. Not sure what to get, a gift certificate to a local hardware store will always come in handy.

Jewish Wedding Planner, 2007