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Wedding Planning Information on how to plan a Jewish wedding.

Honeymoon How to plan a romantic getaway.

Money Matters Start planning your financial future today.

Jewish Living Bringing Judiasm into your lives.

How will you integrate Jewish customs, rituals and traditions into your daily lives?

Begin by communicating with one another. This will be an ongoing process. The decisions you make today are not cut in stone.

As your lives grow, shift and change the way you choose to practice your Jewish religion will change and shift with you.

Will you set aside time for Shabbat dinners? Will you be part of a congregation, visit a mikveh, or learn to speak Hebrew? Will you keep a kosher diet? How about your children? Will they go to religious school and someday be called to the bimah for their bar mitzvah and bat mitzvah? How will you celebrate Jewish holidays?

Now that you have those wonderful wedding gifts, maybe it's time to learn how to make your grandmother's noodle kugel, kreplach, or matza ball soup.

The Jewish customs and traditions you chose to practice will enrich your lives.

Wedding Chuppah - The canopy the bride and groom stand beneath.

Glossary of Jewish Wedding Terms - Definitions of terms used in a traditional Jewish Wedding ceremony.

Jewish Calendar - Dates to avoid when scheduling a Jewish wedding ceremony.

Jewish Wedding Ceremony - Traditional Jewish wedding customs.

Jewish Wedding Reception - Where the bride and groom are treated like king and queen.

Ketubah - Jewish marriage contract

Kosher - Information on kosher diet

Mezuzah - The mezuzah scroll, placed on the doorpost of a home, signifies the sanctity and blessing of the Jewish home.

Mikveh - Ritual bath

Rabbi - Rabbi means teacher

Tay-Sachs Disease - A genetic disease

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