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More and more shops, boutiques and designers are now creating beautiful plus size wedding gowns. There are many wedding dress designs to choose from. Do you want a designer plus size wedding gown, a lovingly restored family heirloom, a vintage wedding dress, informal plus size dress, beach wedding dress or an off the rack bargain? What matters most is that you feel beautiful when you put your wedding dress on.

Before heading out on your first shopping expedition, call around to see if the shops and salons you intend to visit carry plus size wedding dress samples. Consider bringing along a friend whose opinion and honesty you trust. If you bring to many friends and family members, the diverse opinions may overwhelm you. Why not bring along a digital camera so you can review the dresses away from the store.

Be sure to try on styles that differ from what you assumed you would look good in. You might surprize yourself and find an unexpected gem.

Don't get caught up in the sizing. Many bridal shops use European sizing which is smaller than American sizing. The only way to insure a proper fit is to be professionally measured. If you do not feel you are being treated with dignity and respect, leave and try another store.

If you will be getting married in a synagogue and your rabbi has a dress code, please keep those requirements in mind.

If you will be purchasing your wedding gown at a department store or bridal salon, find out exactly what alterations will be included and which will not. Before ordering, make sure you understand their return policies. Confirm their schedule for alterations and discuss whether you will be picking up your dress or having it delivered.

Be sure to ask for a fabric swatch of the dress you select. You can use the fabric swatch to pick out your wedding shoes. The fabric of your wedding dress should match the fabric of your shoes. Remember to pick comfortable shoes. You don't want to spoil your special day with sore feet.

Your wedding flower bouquet and wedding cake design can also be coordinated with your dress color and material.

Wedding dress design

If you want a custom-made plus size wedding dress, get references from recent brides, family and friends. Wedding dress designers often need six to eight months to design and create a wedding dress, so please keep that time frame in mind.

If you're interested in finding an affordable wedding dress, try shopping at bridal warehouses. Last year's wedding dresses will be considerably more affordable than this year's. You can also try shopping at bridal outlets, ordering direct from the manufacturer or shopping the internet.

After your wedding day, consult with a trusted bridal shop representative or dry cleaner to make sure your dress is properly cleaned and stored.

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