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Sending a thank you note for every engagement, bridal shower and wedding gift is a must.

Even if you offered a heartfelt "thanks" you still need to send a thank you card.

Thank you cards should not be printed on the computer or e-mailed but should be handwritten notes. Many brides order them when they order their wedding invitations.

Create a spread sheet with the following information for all wedding gifts received at bridal showers, coed wedding showers, engagement parties and your wedding.

Wedding gift thank you card information

Date received

Description of gift

Sent by


Store purchased

Date thank you note sent

Thank you cards should be mailed within three months of the wedding.

If you will be having a large Jewish wedding, and anticipate receiving lots of gifts, try writing four our five thank you notes a day. That will keep you from getting too far behind.

Remember, you must send a separate thank you card for each gift given. If someone gives you a shower gift and a wedding present, you need to send two separate thank you notes.

Wedding gift thank you note wording

If you know the person(s) well, use their first name. For relatives use Aunt and Uncle and for business associates or friends of your parents use Dear Mr. and Mrs.

Sign with your first name for family, friends and relatives. For those you do not know as well, sign with your full married name. Don't forget to include your return mailing address, especially if you've moved.

Don't go crazy worrying about the language. Guests want to know the gift they sent has arrived and would rather receive an imperfect card than none at all.

Don't forget

Send a thank you note to anyone who hosted a party for you. After your Jewish wedding, be sure to send thank you cards to any professional that helped with your wedding including; photographers, musicians, florists, dress designers, cake designers, wedding planners, caterer and of course, the rabbi.

Jewish Wedding Planner, 2007