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Planning a wedding on a budget

With imagination and creativity, your wedding expenses do not have to spiral out of control. It is not the amount of money spent, but how you and your fiancé choose to express your love, before family and friends, that matters.

Today many couples, who have been out of school and in the job market for a while, finance their own Jewish wedding ceremony. This is especially true if it is a second wedding for either or both of them. If their parents will be paying for part or all of the wedding expenses, it is important that neither the bride nor the groom ask either set of parents to contribute more than they can afford.

The warm and welcoming atmosphere you create will be cherished and remembered not the dollars spent. Begin with open and honest conversations with your fiancé and both sets of parents, regarding the amount they are willing to contribute, before planning your Jewish wedding ceremony.

The following guidelines can be used as a starting point to discuss your wedding budget. None of these items are cut in stone.

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In some cases the groom's family pays for the alcohol at the reception. Kosher wine is available if your guests keep a kosher diet.

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