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The wedding invitations you select set the tone for the type of wedding you will be hosting. Wedding invitations should be concise and factual stating who, why, where and when. Your wedding palette, the colors you've selected for your wedding flower arrangements, wedding gown and table decorations, can be integrated into your wedding invitation design. You may also want to order thank you notes and place cards in the same style as your invitations.

Wedding Invitation Paper and Wedding Invitation Printing

Engraving which is usually done on heavy paper, is the most expensive printing option. Engraved wedding invitations are appropriate for formal events.

Thermography which gives the appearance of engraving, is a more popular and affordable wedding invitation option.

Make your own wedding invitation

Invitations can even be designed and printed on your computer. Add a decorative bow to complete the look.

Reception cards let your guests know where the wedding reception will be held. It is appropriate to include reception information at the bottom to your wedding invitation.

Reply cards and stamped return envelopes are mailed with your invitations. Reply cards are an easy way for your guests to respond to your wedding invitation. Make sure you have the correct postage on your reply envelopes, before mailing. The US postal service usually has various LOVE stamps available.

Wedding guests should receive their invitations six to eight weeks before your scheduled Jewish wedding ceremony. Remember to leave additional mailing time during the busy wedding months of June and September.

Wedding Invitation Wording -The only abbreviations used in a wedding invitation should be Mr., Mrs., and Ms. The title of doctor should be written out in full. Avoid initials, if possible, and fully spell out all addresses including Street, Avenue, Road and the State. Fully write out the date and time of the wedding, and the reception, putting a comma after the day of the week.

Date - Sunday, the twelfth of June.

Time -Half after six - and the word o'clock is spelled out.

If your Jewish wedding is to be held in a synagogue, the wording would be -The honour (honour is spelled with a u) of your presence…

If your Jewish wedding is to be held in a home, country club or hotel the wording would be -The pleasure of your company…

Remember to order one invitation per married couple or single person over the age of eighteen.

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