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Your wedding photographer should be someone whose images capture the joy and happiness of your Jewish wedding ceremony and reception.

Do you want traditionally posed photographs, casual photos or spontaneous images in a photojournalistic style?

Whatever style appeals to you, it is important to communicate your requirements to your photographer. Your wedding photographer should be someone you trust to create the photographic memories you desire.

Get recommendations from family and friends, and be sure to meet with several photographers before making a decision. Review their portfolios to get a sense of their style.

Do the bride and groom look stiff and stilted in the posed photographs or happy and relaxed? Did the photographer catch the wonderment as the couple stood beneath the wedding Huppah, the excitement in the groom's eyes as he broke the glass, or the exhilaration of being held aloft in chairs to the singing of the Hora?

How about the lighting, is it harsh and glaring or warm and complementary? Has the wedding photographer captured the wonderful, spontaneous moments that can never be scripted - or are the poses standard and unimaginative?

Choose a wedding photographer whose personality, style and artistic interpretation, matches your own.

Wedding Photographer Prices

Get everything in writing!

Check references.

Find out what type of insurance coverage the photographer has, in the event the film is lost or damaged.

Find out if proofs will be included in your total cost.

If working with a company, what arrangements will be made if the wedding photographer you've selected is ill or unavailable on the day of your wedding? Will the company provide a replacement photographer?

If working with an individual wedding photographer, what arrangements will be made if the photographer is ill or unavailable on the day of your wedding? Does the photographer have someone to take his/her place in the event of an emergency?

Remember - get everything in writing!


Jewish Wedding Planner, 2007